Tuesday, 10 October 2017


Since the previous blog things have moved on apace here at the VSC.  You will probably recall that when we were originally mandated to be the ‘designated authority’ for rating video games, we had to create a separate arm to carry out this side of our work.  Thus was created the Games Rating Authority (GRA).  However, we soon came to realise that this had the potential to cause some confusion due to the fact that we are also the Video Standards Council (VSC) which uses the PEGI rating system to actually rate games with.

This had the effect of making it look as if we were three separate organisations which was pretty confusing all round.  Finally, however, we have come to a resolution and after much discussion, it has been decided that we will now become the VSC Rating Board and the dear old GRA bit will be consigned to history.

This, we hope, will make life much clearer and easier for all concerned. It also reflects the fact that the majority of our work centres around video game ratings; which also includes the rating of apps via IARC – that’s the International Age Rating Coalition if you didn’t know.

Talking of changes, we now have a new editor on the Askaboutgames website.  If you don’t know it then take a look at www.askaboutgames.com   The new editor is Will Freeman, a well-established journalist and critic in the field of video games.  Askaboutgames provides oodles of information and advice about contemporary video games and is particularly useful for families.  Check it out and you might just be pleasantly surprised.

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