Tuesday, 13 December 2016

GRA Megamix 2016

 Ever wondered if our video game examiners take time out to play rather than simply examine a video game for content – believe me, the two processes are very different.  In fact, I managed to get some of them off the hamster wheel for a few minutes in order to ask them what their own favourite games of 2016 are.  The result is the GRA Video Game Megamix of 2016 – a ‘top five’, if you like, of games that our examining team found particularly interesting and entertaining to play this year.  You may (or not) agree with their findings, but if you are unsure what to buy for yourself or the children, you might find their recommendations of some value.

And so, in no particular order, we kick-off with:

OVERCOOKED (PEGI 3) – This is a neat local co-op game in which up to four players find themselves in a kitchen where they must turn out endless meals within a four-minute time limit.  Sounds simple, eh?  Mmmm, think Ramsay’s kitchen nightmares and you’ll begin to get a genuine ‘flavour’ of how this game is going to ‘pan’ out (I promise the puns will stop now.)

STARDEW VALLEY (PEGI 7) – Yes, it’s a farming sim! How dull, I hear you cry, but hang on a minute, whilst you do spend a lot of time initially planting, watering and harvesting crops, this game becomes much more immersive as it gradually develops into an RPG where you can explore the environment for other resources to help you build a profitable farm.  The repetitive cycle of farming (so familiar in other farming sims) are interrupted here by many and varied side missions involving fighting monsters in the mines, currying favour with the local townsfolk and much, much more.  I am
I am assured this compelling game will keep you engaged for many hours. 

EMILY WANTS TO PLAY (PEGI 12) – Well, this one terrified the living bejesus out of a thirty-something games examiner, but I don’t see why she should have all the fun…or should that be fear?  Basically, you’re a pizza delivery person who pitches up at a spooky old house just before midnight (you can see where this is going right?)  You ring the bell, but no-one’s in.  Then, like a complete goof, you open the door and step inside. The door slams shut and you’re now trapped inside.  You get a few minutes to familiarise yourself with your eerie surroundings before the bell chimes midnight and the ‘games’ begin.  The ‘games’ centre around Emily’s collection of horror dolls which appear every hour and are determined to kill you.  To defeat them you need to gather clues as to how they operate and what is required to defeat them.  Yes, rather you than me thanks very much.  I got a lifetime’s worth of horror from ‘The Exorcist’ and ‘The Shining’.  I’m all done with the horror stuff.

FINAL FANTASY XV (PEGI 16) – It’s Final Fantasy 15!  There’s been 14 previous versions!  Something about it must be good.  ‘Nuff said.

WATCH DOGS 2 (PEGI 18) – I’m told that this is a massive improvement on the original and, even better, you get to live in a beautifully rendered San Francisco!  Our hero, Marcus Holloway, is still up to his hacking tricks having joined a group of anonymous hackers who seem intent on wrecking the city’s infrastructure, though they also tackle the corruption and criminal elements within the city too.  Marcus isn’t restricted to digital skills however.  He’s a pretty dab-hand at using an assortment of weaponry to take down foes.  Coupled to all this, is an expensive, open-world game that allows you to zoom around SF a  la Grand Theft Auto whilst taking in the sights too. How can you possibly resist?

So there you go.  Something to keep you entertained over the next few months.  Let me know what you think of our choices (politely!) and in the meantime, a very merry Christmas and New Year to you all.

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